Zsolt D Kovats is a professional photographer, who was born in Hungary. He has worked in several countries of the World.
His work has been published over the last forty years in numerous national and international journals, magazines and daily newspapers. The photos have been used for book illustration.

As a delicate result of his wide interest and artistic talent he has a unique portrait collection of Hungarian artists, scientists, researchers, politicians, who have worked and acted over the last four decades.
His important work is the black and white photos about institution living mentally and physically handicapped children.
Since 1976 he has been participated on different photo exhibitions in Budapest. He had exhibitions in United Kingdom too.

As a freelance photographer he is a member of The Hungarian Creative Artist’s Association /MAOE/, The Association of Hungarian Journalists /MUOSZ/, The Association of Hungarian Photographers /MFSZ/.

Zsolt worked and works for advertising, editorial and corporate clients as well as individuals in the dance and music field.
In the last three decades he was the official photographer of the International Budapest Music Competition, working for the Philharmonic Budapest Concert Agency.

His strength are portraiture and photojournalism, however he is well experienced in the field of urban scenes.

He has earned 15 Honorable Mentions in the International Photography Awards Competition (IPA, USA) in four categories: Nature, Portrait, Architecture and Special Effects.

With his pictures about rural Wales he became finalist of the well known international photography competition: Travel Photographer of the Year, (TPOTY).

He has earned several honourable mentions in photography competitions in Hungary too.

Currently his research area of focus is landscape photography for canvas print.

There are available signed limited edition prints about Ceredigion County and Wales most fascinating and beautiful areas. He also sells canvas in different sizes and different topics.